Dimitri Maramenides fr

He began kiting in April 2000, in the U.S.A. after a 22-year windsurfing career that had professional highlights and many podiums. At first kiting was a struggle. He regularly witnessed several friends getting punished and took many lumps of his own. On an empty beach, determined to succeed, after numerous failed attempts and beatings, he nailed a short pass.

With this enthusiasm on the accomplishment, he went back out and found himself 5 km downwind with no ability to ride back to the launch spot but incredibly excited.

He says, I was so happy that I kited without getting hurt. The beauty of the sport is that after you travel downwind, all you have to do is pack your equipment and walk or hitch a ride back up the beach. After that initial experience, Dimitri has excelled at the sport and has ridden professionally for several brands.

In the mid 2000s he cut his teeth by being an operating partner in a short lived venture, which, after it's split resulted in Dimitri starting his own, wholly owned kiteboard company, Epic Kites, with his wife Helen.

Dimitri Maramenides

Country: USA
Residence: USA
Years kiting: 25
Riding style: Big Air
Leech models: Brazil and Street
Sponsors: Leech, EPIC, Hyperflex